jQuery get multiple nodes with same name in xml

I have a part of an XML file that looks like this:


The thing is that I want to get it via ajax jQuery, but if I try this:

var paymentTypes = $(xml).find("paymentTypes").text() 

the output will be type1type2type3type4.

What function should I use(built-in or should I write it) in order to get the results on separate lines?

Last updated:11/6/2014 3:14:07 AM

1 Answers

Mark Devid
Mark Devid

u can iterate over the result append to new string

var xml ='<paymentTypes><paymentType>type1</paymentType><paymentType>type2</paymentType><paymentType>type3</paymentType><paymentType>type4</paymentType></paymentTypes>';
var result = "";
    result += $(v).text()+'\n';