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Manoj Bhatt
Manoj Bhatt

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Posted on    November-01-2014 12:09 AM

 ASP.Net Session  Session Variable 

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I have a RequestController(@ManagedBean and @ViewScoped) it is view scoped because we are using some ajax calls.

I have a dataTable with result and each result with a button

<p:commandButton action="#{requestController.requestDetail()}" icon="ui-icon-search" title="Detalhes">

     <f:setPropertyActionListener target="#{requestController.backing.selectedRequestVO}" value="#{order}" />


This method is receiving the selected object of my dataTable and is set on the session, it is working, the problem is that I don't know how to get this session object from my view.

public void requestDetail() throws IOException {
        FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
    context.getExternalContext().getSessionMap().put("requestDetail",backing.selectedRequestVO);context.getExternalContext().redirect(context.getExternalContext().getRequestContextPath() + "/views/request/detail.html");

I need to access it from my view because this object has the request details.

Pravesh Singh
Pravesh Singh

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Posted on    November-01-2014 12:13 AM

It's just available by the attribute name which you specified yourself.


Note that this is not the correct approach. You should have another session scoped managed bean which you inject as @ManagedProperty in the view scoped managed bean and then set the request detail as its property.

public class RequestController {

    private RequestDetail requestDetail;

    public String requestDetail() {
        return "/views/request/detail.html?faces-redirect=true";

    // ...


public class RequestDetail {

    private RequestVO selectedRequestVO;

    // ...

which you then access as follows

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