How To Change The Text Of The Td Using Jquery.?

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I have the td with a dropdown . I want to replace the "Activity class" text by "some other name" . please help me.

<td align="left" class="ItemLabel" classname="ItemLabel" style="width: 50%;">Activity class<br><select class="inputFieldClass" classname="inputFieldClass" id="QA_0-1-71" name="QA_0-1-71"><option value="">&lt;None&gt;</option><option value="15105">First Time Contact</option><option value="15106">Follow up</option></select></td>
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    Re: How To Change The Text Of The Td Using Jquery.?

    Hi ,

     You can do like this.

    <table id="demoTable">


                        <td align="left" class="ItemLabel"classname="ItemLabel" style="width50%;">Activity class<br>

                            <select class="inputFieldClass"classname="inputFieldClass" id="QA_0-1-71" name="QA_0-1-71">

                                <option value="">&lt;None&gt;</option>

                                <option value="15105">First Time Contact</option>

                                <option value="15106">Follow up</option>




    and add script on header

    <script type="text/javascript">

            $(document).ready(function () {


                $("#demoTable td").each(function () {

                    var t=$(this).html();

                    $(this).html(t.replace('Activity class''some other name'));              




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