How to Select Values From Checkbox List In C# Asp.Net

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I Have a search application in which contains the checkbox list of projects and text boxes for each projects with start date and end date, checklist items are binding dynamically from the databse, if there more projects then there are more checkboxes coming, while selecting all check boxes and searching the item(Search Button is there) then there is lots of round trip process is going on(3-Tier Application) which taking lots of time to fill the grid control, Is there any process to send the whole checkbox list's data and text boxe's data into database(Stored procedure) in single roundtrip and fetch records.
Customer List:Customer 1 StartDateTextBox EndatedateTextBox 
  Customer 2 StartDateTextBox EndatedateTextBox 
  Customer 3 StartDateTextBox EndatedateTextBox 
  Customer 4 StartDateTextBox EndatedateTextBox 
  Customer 5 StartDateTextBox EndatedateTextBox 
  Customer 6 StartDateTextBox EndatedateTextBox 
  Customer 7 StartDateTextBox EndatedateTextBox 
Button Search
GridVew Result:

Here is the code which I am using currently
if (lbxProjectList.Items[i].Selected.Equals(true))

                        EmployeeBillingService gs = new EmployeeBillingService(this.ContextBO);

                        List<EmployeeBillingBO> gList = gs.GetEmployeeProjectDetails(Convert.ToInt32(ddlCustomerList.SelectedValue), Convert.ToInt32(lbxProjectList.Items[i].Value), Convert.ToDateTime(Session["DtStartDate"]), Convert.ToDateTime(Session["DtEndDate"]));
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    Re: How to Select Values From Checkbox List In C# Asp.Net


    Are you developing a search engine ??

    The parameters are the values of the checkboxlist ??

    Then, as far as my knowledge goes, it should be like -
    string p = string.empty;
    foreach items in checkboxlist
    if items[1].isSelected == true {p=p+items[1].selectedvalue+",";}
    if items[2].isSelected == true {p=p+items[2].selectedvalue+",";}
    Then, remove the last character i.e. "," and send all these values as parameters.

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