AddObject as NSMutableArray in swift

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I want to addObject of NSMutableArray into NSMutableArray so how can I achieve this in swift. and also retrieve it so please help me because right now I'm learning swift.

Indirectly say that I want 2D array means NSMutableArray of NSMutableArray.

//The below 2 lines iterative!
var dict:NSMutableDictionary? = NSMutableDictionary();

// and below 2 line is execute after complete the above iteration

//after that the above whole process is done iterative.
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    Re: AddObject as NSMutableArray in swift

    If I am not wrong you want to add an object of NSMutableArray in another NSMutableArray you can do it by following code

    var myArray : NSMutableArray = ["Hello"]
    var arrayOfArray : NSMutableArray = [myArray]
    // Insert more arrays with insertObject or addObject
    arrayOfArray.insertObject(myArray, atIndex: 0)
    var newArray:NSMutableArray = arrayOfArray[0] as NSMutableArray

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