How to convert int to hex in java?

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I have the following code.
int Val = -32768;
String Hex = Integer.toHexString(Val);

This equates to ffff8000.

int FirstAttempt = Integer.parseInt(Hex, 16); // Error "Invalid Int"
int SecondAttempt = Integer.decode("0x" + Hex);  // Error "Invalid Int"

So, initially, it converts the value -32768 into a hex string ffff8000, but then it can't convert the hex string back into an Integer.

In.Net it works as I'd expect, and returns -32768.

I know that I could write my own little method to convert this myself, but I'm just wondering if I'm missing something, or if this is genuinely a bug?

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    Re: How to convert int to hex in java?

    It overflows, because the number is negative.

    Try this and it will work:

    int n = (int)Long.parseLong("ffff8000", 16);

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