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In my application I am using custom table cell, in that cell I am having a button.

When I click that button it has to open a popup menu.

if ([strUserID isEqualToString:_LoginID]){

    [cell.editButton addTarget:self action:@selector(myoptionsmenu:)


} else {

    [cell.editButton addTarget:self action:@selector(otheroptionsmenu:)



This is working fine. For login user post, the menu will be myoptionsmenu:

For other users post, the menu will be otheroptionsmenu:

First when I click myoptionsmenu: it is working fine, second when I click otheroptionsmenu: it is working fine.

In the third post, when I click it is showing both myoptionsmenu: and otheroptionsmenu: menus.

I would like to know how to avoid this.



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