Is there a way to de-compile java files ?

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What program can I use to decompile a class file?  Will I actually get Java code, or is it just JVM assembly code?

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    Re: Is there a way to de-compile java files ?

    I tried several, and Procyon seemed to work the best for me. It's under active development and supports many features of the latest versions of Java.

    These are the others I tried:

    Promising, but often failed method decompilation. I'll be keeping my eye on this one. Also actively developed with support for the latest Java features.

    Takes a different approach in that it tries to output equivalent Java code instead of trying to reconstruct the original source, which has the potential of making it better for obfuscated code. From my testing it was roughly on par with Procyon, but still nice to have something different. I did have to use the -skip command-line flag so it wouldn't stop on errors. Actively developed, and interestingly enough it's written in Python.

    Worked, but Procyon's output was much better. Here's a page comparing Procyon output to the original and JD-GUI. JD-GUI is also available as an Eclipse plugin, which didn't work for me at all. Doesn't seem to be open source and development seems sporadic.

    Worked, but only supports Java 1.4 and below. Also available as an Eclipse plugin. No longer under development.

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