Converting from <Datatype1>[] to <Datatype2>[]

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Is it possible to convert from a list of datatypes without going through the trouble of looping through the entire list.

I.e:b = {"1", "2"}; 
Integer[] a = (Integer[]) b; //not actually runnable

Not really necessary, but it would be nice.
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    Re: Converting from <Datatype1>[] to <Datatype2>[]

    In Java 8, you can do
    Integer[] integerArray = 
    If you want an int-Array, you can do:
    int[] intArray = 
    Stream.of() creates a stream from the array. map maps every element of the stream to an Integer using Integer::parseInt. Using mapToInt, you can create an Intstream, which is a specialization of streams for integer primitives. Integer[]::new is a method reference to an array constructor.

    This assumes all elements of the array are parseable, if not it will throw an exception.



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