Adding .asp, .aspx mime types

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I have a problem with adding .asp, .aspx mime types to ISS Default webpage, I found were to add them in to mime types A small window "Add Mime Types" and I know the "file name extensions", .asp, .aspx not sure what to write in text box for "MIME type:" Plz help me
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    Re: Adding .asp, .aspx mime types

    If you provide the version of IIS server your using it would help.

    If your getting error messages for .asp, .aspx pages post the messages & Status Sub status code(s).

    If your getting 404 errors check .

    Is your problem(s) with execution of  .asp, .aspx pages ?

    It might be that you need to run the "aspnet_regiis.exe" Tool

    MSDN page  information.

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