Location Services not working in iOS 8

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My app that worked fine on iOS 7 doesn't work with the iOS 8 SDK.

CLLocationManager doesn't return a location, and I don't see my app under Settings -> Location Services either. I did a Google search on the issue, but nothing came up. What could be wrong?

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    Re: Location Services not working in iOS 8

    Apparently in iOS 8 SDK, requestAlwaysAuthorization (for background location) or requestWhenInUseAuthorization (location only when foreground) call on CLLocationManager is needed before starting location updates.

    There also needs to be NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription or NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription key in Info.plist with a message to be displayed in the prompt. 

      Modified On Apr-27-2015 04:20:57 AM