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Object Oriented Programming is quiet interesting language to handle programs in more compatible and stylish way. It relates with real world examples.Before talk in computer language i would like to give some examples which relate from real world like dog, chair etc.
first of all, we have to understand what is object?
object which has two features i.e. state of the object and behavior of the object.
let us explore the e.g. dog
dog has state like color, breed, gender, name ,hungry.  i think these are the possible states in case of dog,while for behavior its barking, taming tail, playing.
similarly, all this happen in programming we first write down all possible state which relate with that object then write the program with help of syntax assigned,.
In computer programming their is state cd. fields and behavior cd. methods.
the process which hide state or feild and allow or access only methods that is cd. data encapsulation.
That is sufficient to understand what is object and how to write program object oriented based.
In next post i will come with some example generate by me , if i struck in any problem then please correct me at that place , feel free to give your suggestion regarding my explaination...
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  1. Re: OOPS????

    Very Correct Ankita very neatly explain!!

    Try to explore more about OOPS principals like abstraction and Encapsulation,that will make your concepts more clear

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  1. Re: OOPS????

    Thanks everyone for giving suggestion, i will do much better in this field .


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