How to handle/capture a long press in windows store apps

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Could anyone tell me how to capture a long press for a windows store app in C#? I can used a "tapped" gesture no problem but when I replace  TappedRoutedEventArgs with HoldingRoutedEvent it just doesn't register a holding gesture. I'm testing this with my laptop so could it be that it doesn't recognize a mouse holding event?

I'm assuming there's similar functionality for the windows phone 7 but they're mostly for Silverlight which isn't used for Windows 8. Any links/examples would be a great help!

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    Re: How to handle/capture a long press in windows store apps

    Use the Holding Event:


    <Grid Background="{StaticResource ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush}" Holding="Grid_Holding_1">


    private void Grid_Holding_1(object sender, HoldingRoutedEventArgs e)
        Debug.WriteLine("You held at" + DateTime.Now.ToString());

    You are correct about the mouse not firing the holding event. Run it in the simulator and then you can use the "Basic Touch Mode" to simulate the hold.

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