Stop EditText from gaining focus at Activity startup

I have an Android Activity, with two elements:


When my Activity starts, the EditText immediately has input focus (flashing cursor). I don't want any control to have input focus at startup. I tried:


No luck. How can I convince the EditText to not select itself when the Activity starts?
Last updated:4/23/2015 7:53:01 AM

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Anonymous User
Anonymous User

<!-- Dummy item to prevent AutoCompleteTextView from receiving focus -->
    android:focusable='true' android:focusableInTouchMode='true'
    android:layout_width='0px' android:layout_height='0px'/>
<!-- :nextFocusUp and :nextFocusLeft have been set to the id of this component
     to prevent the dummy from receiving focus again -->
<AutoCompleteTextView android:id='@+id/autotext'
    android:layout_width='fill_parent' android:layout_height='wrap_content'
    android:nextFocusUp='@id/autotext' android:nextFocusLeft='@id/autotext'/>