System,out, println in java

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What is System,out, println in System.out.println() 
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    System is a built-in class present in java.lang package. This class has a final modifier, which means that, it cannot be inherited by other classes. It contains pre-defined methods and fields, which provides facilities like standard input, output, etc.

    out is a static final field (ie, variable)in System class which is of the type PrintStream (a built-in class, contains methods to print the different data values). static fields and methods must be accessed by using the class name, so ( System.out ).out here denotes the reference variable of the type PrintStream class.

    println() is a public method in PrintStream class to print the data values. Hence to access a method in PrintStream class, we use out.println() (as non static methods and fields can only be accessed by using the refrence varialble)