Android - how to make trial version of android app?

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In my application i want to implement a trial and full version functionality for my application. In this trial version will be available to all and full version will be available to users who paid the full version. So please suggest me the ways by which i can implement such functionality?
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    Re: Android - how to make trial version of android app?

    There are two ways to do this, that I can think of:

    Build 2 versions of apk files and publish twice to Android Market.

    One will be trial version, with advertisements enabled OR with limited functinality

    Second will be available as a paid app, with full functionality unlocked.

    Release the app as a trial version, and add support for in app purchases that will unlock full functionality of the app. This is usually referred to as a Freemium ( type of App.

    I recommend the second way as the user will have to download the app only once.

    Refer to Android's In-App Billing Documentation here :

    Hope, this helps. Cheers!

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