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Posted on    March-28-2015 9:41 AM

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hi i need to make a class that I can interact with files in a external disk and ftp in java... with a external disk i think that I'll use the java.io.File library but ftp I don't know!!!

when I say interact with files ... is copy, delete, count and list files in a directory 

Manoj Pandey

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Posted on    March-30-2015 7:30 AM

For interact FTP server use Apache Commons Net API. It is easy to write Java code for downloading a file from a remote FTP server to local computer. It has simple and comprehensive API that makes coding with upload files to FTP server with ease. 


    Download Apache Commons Net API

After install apache commons Net api, import this

import org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTP;

import org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPClient;

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