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Asp.NET temporary file saving

Anonymous User 1810 28-Mar-2015

I got a path from the jquery code URL.createObjectURL([0]); 

It returns something like this : blob:http%3A/localhost%3A59105/f7dae0f7-088f-48cf-b446-eeda0bf23705 

I tried to save this file like 

byte[] data;
    using (WebClient client = new WebClient())
        data =client.DownloadData("blob:http%3A/localhost%3A59105/f7dae0f7-088f-48cf-b446-eeda0bf23705");
    File.WriteAllBytes(@"~/a.jpg", data);

But it gives an error about the code above: 

  The URI prefix is not recognized.

How exactly I can copy this file? 

Thanks for your suggestions.

Updated on 28-Mar-2015
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