How to get element name of value?

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need to get all text of value, then use json to send the value to insert all of price to the database, but i had the problem, i can't get the text of all value where input text name='price'. here this is HTML code:
here is Html code:
<input type='text' id='price1' name='price[]'/>
<input type='text' id='price2' name='price[]'/>
<button type='button' id='btn'/>

JQuery code:


    $('#btn').click(function (e) {
        var myprice = [];
        myprice = $("*[name='price']").val();
                type: "insert",
                price: myprice,
        ).done(function (data) {

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    Re: How to get element name of value?

    you can use .map() to get all values

        var myprice = $.map($('[name="price[]"]'), function (v, i) {
            return v.value;

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