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Goti Bandu

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Posted on    September-20-2014 2:36 AM

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How to redirect regular expression for “xyz xyx 15 16 b b a”?

In above

xyz xyx is fixed keyword

12 is first number that could be anything.

13 is also any number that may change

a b c may also change

I have only to check this string start with "abc xyz" and after that two integer value available. i am using c#.net for this coding.

It’s difficult please help me.

Anchal Kesharwani
Anchal Kesharwani

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Posted on    September-20-2014 2:54 AM

hi Goti Bandhu,

I hope that this expression useful for you.

I am assuming that - space could be one or more - 15 is the first number that could be anything means fixed length of 2 digits - 16 is also number that may change means the same as above I guess - a b c also may change means character length is one with one or more space



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