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Posted by  Ashish Pandey
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I have a class object where i m storing a list of questions in. I want to save this object in a session. I can do this:

JobApplication _application;
_application = new JobApplication(1);
Session["Application"] = _application;

i can also get the session by this:

JobApplication obj = (JobApplication)Session["Application"];

So, I want to pass in the class object( JobApplication _application;) into a class and set the session in the class and return a session. Can i set and get like i am doing?

but i would rather pass in the object into my session class and set it and get it from there.

I am not sure how to use sessions in get and set . 

  1. Re: Session in a class

    Hi Ashish, 

    try this:

    public class JobApplicantSession
        public JobApplication Application
                return (JobApplication)HttpContext.Current.Session["Application"];
                HttpContext.Current.Session["Application"] = value;

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