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I’m really new to LINQ so I'm trying to figure out how to execute method with lambda expressions.

   public void GetData()
     using(MyClassesDataContext context = new MyClassesDataContext())
                    var problems = (from p in context.Problems select p).Take(10);
                    problems.Select(t => DisplayData(t.Text));
     public void DisplayData(string Text)

I'm getting this error:

The type arguments for method 'System.Linq.Enumerable.Select(System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable, System.Func)' cannot be inferred from the usage. Try specifying the type arguments explicitly.

at this line:

 problems.Select(t => DisplayData(t.Text));

What am I doing wrong?

  1. Re: LINQ to SQL execute method on select

    Hi Pravesh, 

    I think that if you make the following change to your code, it will work fine:

    problems.Select(t => { DisplayData(t.Text); return true; })


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