How can i invoke AspxGridView Update

Posted by  Royce Roy
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I want to know if I can invoke AspxGridView update. I catch a data on AspxGridView Focused Row in server side. And if this data equles 0, I want to invoke update for this row. Else if this data equles 1, i want to invoke new row. Is it possible?

  1. Re: How can i invoke AspxGridView Update

    Hi Royce, 

    this is my client side code:

     <ClientSideEvents FocusedRowChanged="function(s,e)                       
                              s.GetRowValues(s.GetFocusedRowIndex(),'FaturaVarmi',function(v){                            switch(v)                            {
                                   case 0:                                                                                                      case 1:
                                   FaturaGrid.StartEditRow(s.GetFocusedRowIndex());                               break;
                            }" />

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