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Help with NullReference exception in C#

Posted by  Goti Bandu
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The following is a web method that is called from ajax, I have verified with firebug that the script is indeed passing two string values to my method:

public string DealerLogin_Click(string name, string pass)
    string g="adf";
    if (name == "w" && pass == "w")
        HttpContext.Current.Session["public"] = "pub";
        g= "window.location = '/secure/Default.aspx'";
    return g;

 If I delete the if block then I don't get an error back from the server. 

  1. Re: Help with NullReference exception in C#

    Hi Goti, 

    Without seeing the stack trace, I would guess that HttpContext.Current or HttpContext.Current.Session is null.