foreach (where x => x.PROPERTY), how to set PROPERTY?

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I have an Object Student, I get one of the property's values by this method below

System.Reflection.PropertyInfo propValue = typeof(Student).GetProperty(s);

Let's say that s (the string I passed into the GetProperty) was the property called "StudentName". I would then like to run a search based off that property, which was stored in propValue, such as:

foreach (Student stu in formStudents.Where(x => x.propValue == "John"))

However this does not work, as x.__ only fills in with properties of Student (even though valueProp contains a valid property of Student).

How can I override this so that is reads propValue as an actual value of student, or what other method will work for me?

Thank you

  1. Re: foreach (where x => x.PROPERTY), how to set PROPERTY?

    Hi Jeet, 

    You call the .GetValue(...) method of the PropertyInfo object you got back from .GetProperty(s):

    foreach (Student stu in formStudents)
        var value = (string)propValue.GetValue(stu);
        if (value == "John")

    You can rewrite to LINQ if you want to:

    var matchingStudents =
        from stu in formStudents
        let propertyValue = (string)propValue.GetValue(stu)
        where propertyValue == "John";
        select stu;
    foreach (var student in matchingStudents)

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