Two dimensional C# Array initialized with 2 other arrays

Posted by  Goti Bandu
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I'm a bit new to C# and I don't understand how to make this work:

private static readonly Unit[,] UNIT_TYPES = new Unit[,]{LENGTH_UNITS, ANGLE_UNITS};

private static readonly Unit[] LENGTH_UNITS = new Unit[3]{Unit.Millimeters, Unit.Inches, Unit.Centimeters};

private static readonly Unit[] ANGLE_UNITS = new Unit[2]{Unit.Degrees, Unit.Radians};

I'm getting the error "A nested array initializer was expected" on the UNIT_TYPES variable. It seems to not except the fact that LENGTH_UNITS and ANGLE_UNITS will be ready at compile time. What's the best way to rewrite this?


  1. Re: Two dimensional C# Array initialized with 2 other arrays

    Hi Goti, 

    You're trying to initialize a rectangular array

    int[,] Position = { {2 , 3}, {4 , 5}, {6 , 7} };
    this like three array inside a array Eq:
         int[] IN0 = { 2,3 };
         int[] IN1 = { 4,5 };
         int[] IN2 = { 6,7 };``
         int[][] Final = { IN0, IN1, IN2 };

    int[,] = the way of create Rect some as grids. int[][] = the way of accessing grid or 2d images

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