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print label format employee detail

Posted by  Tech Sys
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I have created a simple programme in c# winform employee details manage data without database.

download below link

1.i couldn't compile its shown error missing assembly reference error 
2.also i added one form4 for page setup
I want to print or print preview as per page setup has given options
1a.print options (plz refer to form4)
2a.print margin (this is used only for single label print )
3a.if i want to select logo then print with logo else print without logo
3.if entered 4 or 3 or 2 in form4 page setup no.of label textbox 
then print single employee data print 4 label,if i enterd 3 times then print 3 labels
if i entered 6 then print 6 label
total max label 21
A4 paper having 3 coloumns and 7 rows total 21 labels
1 label size in a4 paper is width 2.5" and height 1.5"
i think u understand what i need
plz help.

  1. Re: print label format employee detail


    Could you explain me in more details exactly what you want or requirement?

  1. Re: print label format employee detail

    k,thanks.i solved myself.