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Add items to ComboBox at runtime?

Posted by  Royce Roy
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I am trying to add items to a ComboBox (say Name="labelComboBox") at runtime when I pressed an add button (say with Name="add2labels" Click="add2labels_Click"). But the ComboBox cannot show the values I newly added. What did I miss?

The following is the event handler for the add button:

private List<String> labels = new List<String>();
... ...
private void add2labels_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    labels.Add("new value");
    labelComboBox.ItemsSource = labels;

P.S. I am pretty sure the values were added to List<String> labels correctly (its count did increase each time).

  1. Re: Add items to ComboBox at runtime?

    Hi Royce,

    Combobox has a display and value member to add values to combo-box you need to specify both.

    Try this

    ComboboxItem item = new ComboboxItem();
    item.Text = "new value";
    item.Value = 12;

      Modified On Apr-04-2018 05:18:14 AM