Variables which need to be live across the application in WPF

I am developing a WPF application. I need some variables/information not to destroy until user closes that application. Which method is best? Static Class with static variables? Moreover what is the best practice in this scenario?
Last updated:3/6/2014 11:16:36 PM

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Pravesh Singh
Pravesh Singh

Hi Royce,

You can also create static class and reference it in xaml like this:

namespace MyNamespace


    public static class Globals


        public static double SomeVariable { get { return 1.0; } }



Then access it from xaml like this:

<UserControl Width='{x:Static globals:Globals.SomeVariable}' />

where globals is defined at top top of your xaml like following:

<Window x:Class='MyNamespace.MainWindow'