Calling div from code behind c#

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I want to call div from html , which contains background image only, and I need to call it on just few pages

With same metadata. So how will i call that div, i tried few ways but nothing helped me.

 if (cMeta != null && cMeta.Name == "background")


            if (cMeta.Text == "Yes")





  1. Re: Calling div from code behind c#

    Hi Jayden,

    Set runat="server" to div markup.

    <div id="myDiv" runat="server"></div>

    Now in code behind you can access the myDiv

    private void DisplayDiv(bool isShow)


       myDiv.Visible = isShow;


    Now when you want to show it then just call this function with true value


    otherwise just call it with false ,if you don't want to show it.


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