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FileInfo - Select one File out of one FileInfo[]

I have two FileInfo[] Array's and i want compare the Files with identical Names about their File Size and Last Modified Date. But how can i select a File out of a FileInfo[] with a specific Name?

My Code doesnt work, because i cant use FileInfo.Select to get a new FileInfo out. Any clues?

        foreach (FileInfo origFile in fiArrOri6)
            FileInfo destFile = fiArrNew6.Select(file => file.Name == origFile.Name);
            if (origFile.Length != destFile.Length || origFile.LastWriteTime != destFile.LastWriteTime)
                //do sth.

Thanks for any help :)

Any other charming solution for this Problem would be great. btw. #2 : does someone has good learning material for FileInfo?

Last updated:2/4/2014 5:58:17 AM

1 Answers

Pravesh Singh
Pravesh Singh

Hi Jayprakash,

You could use the FirstOrDefault that takes a filter

FileInfo destFile = fiArrNew6.FirstOrDefault(file => file.Name == origFile.Name);

Or, if you don't want the default, you can use the equivalent First that takes a filter

FileInfo destFile = fiArrNew6.First(file => file.Name == origFile.Name);