C# regular expression to get words between 4 to 10 characters

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I am trying to get all the words in a string, that are at least 4 characters long and less than 10 characters. When I use the following regular expression, it just returned the whole string as one word. Can you please look at the following example and tell me how should I write this regular expression?

string result = "Overfishing, erosion and warmer waters are feeding jellyfish blooms in coastal regions worldwide. And they're causing damage"

string[] words = Regex.Split(result, @"[\W]{4,10}");

foreach (string line in words)




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    Re: C# regular expression to get words between 4 to 10 characters

    Hi Takeshi,

    Your code isn't working because the pattern will only match a sequence of 4 to 10 consecutive non-word characters, which doesn't appear in the string. So Regex.Split just returns an array containing the original string.

    Try using this pattern:


    For example:

    string[] words = Regex.Matches(result,@"\b\w{4,10}\b")
                          .Select(m => m.Value)

    This will match any sequence of 4 to 10 consecutive word characters, surrounded by word boundaries.

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