Get the height/width of Window WPF

I have the following code

<Window x:Class="Netspot.DigitalSignage.Client.MainWindow"
        Title="MainWindow" WindowStyle="SingleBorderWindow"
        WindowState="Normal" Closing="Window_Closing">

Any attempt to get the height / width return NaN or 0.0

Can anyone tell me a way of getting it ?

These 2 methods don't work


var h = ((System.Windows.Controls.Panel)Application.Current.MainWindow.Content).ActualHeight;
var w = ((System.Windows.Controls.Panel)Application.Current.MainWindow.Content).ActualWidth;


double dWidth = -1;
double dHeight = -1;
FrameworkElement pnlClient = this.Content as FrameworkElement;
if (pnlClient != null)
     dWidth = pnlClient.ActualWidth;
     dHeight = pnlClient.ActualWidth;

The application will not be running full screen.

Last updated:1/30/2014 11:31:36 PM

1 Answers

Pravesh Singh
Pravesh Singh

Hi Mark,

You can get the width and height that the window was meant to be in the constructor after InitializeComponent has been run, they won't return NaN then, the actual height and width will have to wait until the window has been displayed.

When WindowState == Normal You can do this one from Width /
Height after IntializeComponent().
When WindowState == Maximized You could get the screen resolution for this one with