How useful is C#'s ?? operator?

Posted by  Ankita Pandey
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I have been intrigued by the ?? operator, but have still been unable to use it. I usually think about it when I am doing something like:

var x = (someObject as someType).someMember;

If someObject is valid and someMember is null, I could do

var x = (someObject as someType).someMember ?? defaultValue;

but almost invariably I get into problems when someObject is null, and ?? doesn't help me make this any cleaner than doing the null check myself.

What uses have you guys found for ?? in practical situations?
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    Hi Ankita,

    I usually use it for strings or nullable types.

    string s = someString ?? "Default message";
    is easier than
       string s;
       if(someString == null)
         s = "Default Message";        
         s = someString;
      string s = someString != null ? someString : "Default Message";

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