Find in List<t> and return boolean if found

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public class MyType


    public string MyName;

    public string MyTown;

    public string MyJob;


I have a List of this type:

List<MyType> myVar = new List<MyType>()

Now I want to return a boolean based on this. So for example: Does myVar contain MyName = "Bob" and MyJob = "Taxi Driver"

I have managed to return all with a name of "Bob"

var e = myVar.Where(x => x.MyName== "Bob").ToList();

But I want to do something like:

bool mExists = (myVar.Where(x => x.MyName== "Bob" && MyJob="Taxi Driver").Count > 0) ? true : false;

Is this possible?

  1. Re: Find in List<t> and return boolean if found

    Hi Jay,

    You can use .Any()

    Example :

    bool mExists = myVar.Any(x => x.MyName == "Steve" && x.MyJob == "Mechanic");


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