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Goti Bandu

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Posted on    January-29-2014 11:21 PM

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I'm trying to generate a lambda expression, by passing in the property name to filter on as a string, then I  need to count the results where an "Enum" is set to a certain status

var expressionParam = Expression.Parameter(typeof (ArtworkPage), "page");

var body = Expression.Property(expressionParam, property);

var lambda = Expression.Lambda(body, expressionParam,).Compile();

int approvedList = GetArtworkUploadPages(artwork.Id).Count(lambda);

How do I get the final piece of the puzzle in passing what enum value I want to filter by into the lambda?

Pravesh Singh

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Posted on    January-29-2014 11:45 PM

Hi Goti,

You need to compare the property with a constant value:

var lambda = Expression.Lambda<Func<ArtworkPage, bool>>(


        Expression.Property(expressionParam, property),





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