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Access a property of IEnumerable

Posted by  Jayden Bell
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I have a custom class for a combobox having following properties:

public IEnumerable<object> ItemsSource
    get { return (IEnumerable<object>)GetValue(ItemsSourceProperty); }
        SetValue(ItemsSourceProperty, value);
public string DisplayMemberPath
    get { return (string)GetValue(DisplayMemberPathProperty); }
    set { SetValue(DisplayMemberPathProperty, value); }

where ItemsSourceProperty,DisplayMemberPathProperty are the dependency properties already registered.

Now if ItemSource has a list of custom objects :{id int, name string}. and DisplayMemberPath has value:'name' or 'id'. How can I access 'name' or 'id' properties of my object ?

  1. Re: Access a property of IEnumerable

    Hi Jayden,

    It's not entirely clear why you need to do this binding yourself (when WPF does a lot of this for you), but this might work:

    foreach (object item in ItemsSource)
        var property = item.GetType().GetProperty(DisplayMemberPath);
        var value = property.GetValue(item, null);
        // Use the value here

    Note that this will be pretty slow, and will only handle a single property name (rather than a full path). There are more complex alternatives which would perform better, but I'd probably go with the simplest approach first.

      Modified On Apr-04-2018 02:11:58 AM