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How to get Combobox.Datasource to a Dictionary?

Posted by  Takeshi Okada
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Following is my code which is binding a List() to a ComboBox control. I tried to add few items to the CombBox control using Insert() method which is not allowed as it has been assigned to a datasource. So, how can I get the datasouce back to a new variable (say, var colours2) from cmbColour.DataSource which is returning an object. Thanx !

var colours= new Dictionary<string, string>                                                                                                







cmbColour.ValueMember = "Key";

cmbColour.DisplayMember = "Value";

cmbColour.DataSource = colours;

var colours2 = //how can I get the DataSource back

  1. Re: How to get Combobox.Datasource to a Dictionary?

    Hi Takeshi,

    Try this:-

    var coloursList = cmbColour.DataSource as List<KeyValuePair<string, string>>;

    var colours2 = coloursList.ToDictionary(x => x.Key, x => x.Value);