C# panel drawing on button press

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I want to update the panel graphics (panel will contain simple shapes like circles and rectangles) every time a button is pressed. The code would look something like this:

private void PanelGraphics()
    ClearThePanel();  //empties the panel
    FillThePanel();   //draws new shapes in the panel
The function would be then called every time a button is pressed, and I understand button_events well enough so that's not a problem. However, I have no idea how to pull off the PanelGraphics() function, and a few links about panel_paint events didn't help me much.
  1. Re: C# panel drawing on button press

    Hi Chintoo,

    You can draw to the panel by creating a graphics controller to it.

    Graphics g = panel.CreateGraphics();

    You can then use the Graphic class's plethora of methods to draw whatever you want to the panel


    To clear the panel the easiest way is to draw a box the colour of the background to the panel

    g.DrawRectangle(new Pen(panel.BackColor), new Rectangle(new Point(), panel.Size));

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