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Lady Bird Johnson
Lady Bird Johnson

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Posted on    October-16-2013 6:43 AM

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After refreshing datagridview, I lost focus on selected cells and random text blinks, Why? Please help me out!

My code: -

If I am trying to refresh various data in my datagridview, I lost my focus on selected cells and random text blinks. Why this happens? In other apps I don't see this problem, so I can fix this, but how? I refresh data by this

            SBind.DataSource = DTable;


C G E Mannerheim
C G E Mannerheim

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Posted on    October-16-2013 7:32 AM

You can Try this:


SBind.DataSource = DTable;



You can also try enabling the DoubleBuffered of your grid like this:

typeof(Control).GetProperty("DoubleBuffered", BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Instance).SetValue(dataGridView1, true, null);

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