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Please help me with the pattern matching. I want to build a pattern which will match the word starting withj- or c- in the following in a string (Say for example)

[j-test] is a [c-test]'s name with [foo] and [bar]

The pattern needs to find [j-test] and [c-test] (brackets inclusive).

What I have tried so far?

String template = "[j-test] is a [c-test]'s name with [foo] and [bar]";
Pattern patt = Pattern.compile("\\[[*[j|c]\\-\\w\\-\\+\\d]+\\]");
Matcher m = patt.matcher(template);
while (m.find()) {

And its giving output like


which is wrong. Please help me, thanks for your time on this thread.

  1. Babe Zaharias


    Re: Java pattern for [j-*]

    Inside a character class, you don't need to use alternation to match j or c. Character class itself means, match any single character from the ones inside it. So, [jc] itself will match either j or c.

    Also, you don't need to match the pattern that is after j- or c-, as you are not bothered about them, as far as they start with j- or c-.

    Simply use this pattern:

    Pattern patt = Pattern.compile("\\[[jc]-[^\\]]*\\]");

    To explain:

    Pattern patt = Pattern.compile("(?x)      "   // Embedded flag for Pattern.COMMENT
                                 + "\\[       "   // Match starting `[`
                                 + "    [jc]  "     // Match j or c
                                 + "    -     "     // then a hyphen
                                 + "    [^    "     // A negated character class
                                 + "       \\]"        // Match any character except ] 
                                 + "    ]*    "     // 0 or more times
                                 + "\\]       "); // till the closing ]

    Using (?x) flag in the regex, ignores the whitespaces. It is often helpful, to write readable regexes.



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