Cannot convert from int to Boolean using java

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public static void main(String[] args) 

    int [] newArray= new int [4];
    int [] array = {4,5,6,7};

    newArray[0] = array[0]+array[1]+array[2]+array[3];
    newArray[1] = array[0]*array[1]*array[2]*array[3];


public static void oddEven(int [] oddEven)

    for (int i=0; i<oddEven.length; i++)
        if (oddEven[i] % 2) // Cannot convert from int to boolean

Ignore what I'm trying to manage here. I'm only curious why it doesn't accept "if" statement in this for loop.  As I stated it says "cannot convert from int to boolean". Why do you think it says so?

  1. Re: Cannot convert from int to Boolean using java

    That expression should be realizes an boolean in side the if, otherwise compilation error.

    Try to this code: -

    if (oddEven[i] % 2 ==0)  
     //Code Here

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