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Kate Smith
Kate Smith

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Posted on    October-14-2013 3:39 AM

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I am using jQuery JavaScript library. I like the event listener .ready(); what fires when the DOM is set up.

( Pretty similar to .onload )

I would find it very useful, if there was an event listener wich has a very similar behaviour to this, but fires when an element is fully loaded. (f.e.: Picture, a Div, such )

I would appreciate both jQuery or JavaScript methods too.


Hank Greenberg
Hank Greenberg

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Posted on    October-14-2013 4:06 AM

All elements (including div and img) are ready as soon as DOMReady fires - that's what it means.

However, you can use the load() event to run some code when an img tag has fully loaded the image in it's src attribute:

$('img').load(function() {
   console.log('image loaded');

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