Can anybody elaborate the difference between “Char” and “String” at Java

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What is the difference between the JDK6 java.util.regex.Pattern's "Boundary matchers" '\z' and '\Z'?

Background: I was trying to read a UTF-8 encoded file's contents into a String.

  1. Re: Can anybody elaborate the difference between '\Z' and '\z' in java.util.regex.Pattern?

    The difference is anchor \Z matches the empty string just before the newline, while \z matches empty string after the newline.

    A very simple example to understand this is:

    System.out.println("abc\n".matches("abc\\Z\\n"));   // true
    System.out.println("abc\n".matches("abc\\z\\n")); // false
    System.out.println("abc\n".matches("abc\\n\\z")); // true

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