How to periodically change background image

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I have 2 forms, frmMain and frmPictures. In frmMain I have a timer whose interval is 5000 (5 seconds). frmPictures has 16 pictureboxes with images already loaded in them. In each timer tick I need to change the frmMain background image.. on startup the background image is the same as picturebox1.

On each timer tick, the program should randomly select a PictureBox in frmPictures and change the background image of frmMain to the image of the selected PictureBox.

How do I do this in VB.NET?

  1. Re: How to periodically change background image

    Firstly, you should gather all PictureBoxes in an array or similar structure. That can happen e.g. in the Form_Load event:

    Dim pictures(15) As PictureBox
    pictures(0) = frmPictures.PictureBox1

    Btw, why do you have PictureBoxes for each picture? It would be sufficient to load

    the images at application startup:

    Dim pictures(15) As Image
    pictures(0) = Image.FromFile("...")

    Then in the timer event, create a random number and pick an image:  

    Dim rnd = CInt(16 * Rnd())
    BackgroundImage = pictures(rnd).Image
    BackgroundImage = pictures(rnd)    

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