Grid system rules in a Bootstrap Grid System

What are the Grid system rules in a Bootstrap Grid System?

Last updated:7/28/2021 5:22:54 AM

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Some Grid system rules in a Bootstrap Grid System:

  • The defined rows must be in a container or container fluid for proper indentation and alignment of the web page.
  • In containers you have to define a row which forms a horizontal group of columns.
  • Now, add the content to display elements to a row and remember that columns can only be an immediate child of rows.
  • You can use padding in rows to create gaps between columns.
  • While creating columns remember that there should be 12 columns in a row. For example if you need 3 columns in a row then you can achieve this by adding col-md-4 three times in a row.

Note : Column widths are in percentages, so they are always fluid and sized relative to their parent element. E.g. if you create three columns in a row, the width of each column will be divided into 33.33% each.