Is JavaScript supported by all browsers?

Are there any web browsers that do not support JavaScript? And how to identify if client is using one of those browsers? Or else client has disabled JavaScript?

Last updated:7/19/2021 5:13:22 AM

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Ethan Karla
Ethan Karla

Yeah, the Lynx browser is one example that doesn't support JavaScript on their browser. To identify non-script browsers, use the <noscript> tag. The no script tag will execute if the browser does not support the scripting tag .The <noscript> tag in HTML is used to display text for browsers that do not support script tags or have scripts disabled by the browser user. This tag is used in both <head> and <body> tags. The no script tag is also executed if the user disables JavaScript on their machine.

Let's understand with the help of an example :

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang='en' xmlns=''>
    <meta charset='utf-8' />
    <title>Noscript Tag</title>
        document.write('Mindstick Software')
    <noscript>Browser didn't support JavaScript'</noscript>
<body align='center'>
    <h1>Noscript Tag</h1>

Hope this will help you.

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