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The FR(FrameRelay), It is a connectionless service, which generally means that every data packet that passes over the network contains address information

  • The FrameRelay is a service that is provided with a variety of speeds from 56 Kbs to 25 Mbs. Even though the speeds most used for the service are currently 56 Kbs and 1,544 Mbs
  • These frames are of the variable length and go up to 4,096 bytes
  • The FR(FrameRelay) is considered a broadband ISDN service
  • This operates at high speed (1,544 Mbps to 44,376 Mbps).
  • This operates only on the physical and data link layers. So, it can be easily used on the Internet.
  • This has a large frame size of 9000 bytes. So, this can accommodate all local area network frame sizes.
  • This FrameRelay can only detect errors (at the data link layer). But, there is no flow control or error control.
  • This operates in the data link layer.