What is inventory and delivery in ad manager?

Explain me briefly about inventory and delivery of ad units in google ad manager.

Last updated:1/24/2020 2:57:07 AM

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Nishi Tiwari
Nishi Tiwari


Inventory is defined as the ad space that we have available to sell. In Ad Manager, inventory consists of:

• Ad units

• Placements

An ad unit is the representation in Ad Manager of space where ads can be delivered by us. For each ad unit, we can generate tags. The tags are what we place within our content so that an ad is called whenever users visit.

A placement is the optional grouping of ad units which makes them easier to target all at once.

What is inventory and delivery in ad manager?


Once we have inventory, we need to deliver ads to it. In Ad Manager, our campaigns consist of:

• Orders

• Line items

• Creatives

In Ad Manager, orders mainly contains line items, and line items contains creatives. An order is the representation in the Ad Manager of an agreement with an advertiser. It has start and end dates, and it contains one or more line items.

The line item holds information about the specific run dates, targeting, and pricing of one or more set of creatives which will be delivered, including that ad units and placements which are targeted. Every line item must be contained within an order.

A creative is a particular advertisement, such as an image file, a video file, or other content. It is what usually gets delivered to users. To be delivered, a creative must be within a line item. One creative is associated with more than one line item.

Each orders are also associated with an advertiser that is a company which we add to Ad Manager.

What is inventory and delivery in ad manager?