Which is the best way to reach Elephanta Caves in Mumbai?

An Elephanta Caves tour is probably one of the most popular things to do in Mumbai as it is an adventurous and thrilling experience. Reaching the Elephanta Caves is not much of a task. You need to reach the Gateway of India and then take a ferry to the Elephanta Island. You can take the ferry tickets at the Gateway of India pier but if you want to escape long queues, you can also opt for Elephanta Caves ferry tickets online booking which would save you time. The ferries sail to the island at regular intervals from 9 in the morning till 4:30 in the evening so you can opt for a time slot that suits you. It takes around an hour to reach the Elephanta Island on a ferry and after that you can either walk to the caves, covering around 120 steps uphill or take the easy way out and reach the caves in a toy train at a minimal fare.

Which is the best way to reach Elephanta Caves in Mumbai?

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